Beko  American Style Fridge Freezers

Beko American Style Fridge Freezers

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If you are looking to buy a Beko American style fridge freezer because of the benefits of being spacious whilst offering a great storage sollution which can dramatically cut down the time needed for the shopping for of fresh chilled fruits, vegetables and metas, you can browse these pages to discover moe.

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Beko American Style Fridge Freezer Information

Commercial fridge and freezer units, which go by many other names, were in use for almost 40 years prior to the common home models. They used toxic ammonia gas systems, making them unsafe for home use. Practical household fridges were introduced in the 1920s and gained wider acceptance in the United States in the 1930s as prices fell and non-toxic, non-flammable synthetic refrigerants such as Freon or R-12 were introduced. It is notable that while 60% of households in the US owned a fridge by the 1930s, it was not until 40 years later, in the 1970s, that the fridge achieved a similar level of penetration in the United Kingdom

Marcel Audiffren of France championed the idea of a refrigerating machine for cooling and preserving foods at home. His U.S. patents, issued in 1895 and 1908, were purchased by the American Audiffren Refrigerating Machine Company. Machines based on Audiffren's sulfur dioxide process were manufactured by General Electric in Fort Wayne, Indiana and marketed by the Johns-Manville company. The first unit was sold in 1911. Audiffren machines were expensive, selling for about $1,000 — about twice as much as an automobile cost at the time.

General Electric sought to develop fridges of its own, and in 1915 the first Guardian unit was assembled in a back yard wash house as a predecessor to the Frigidaire. In 1916 Kelvinator and Servel came out with two units among a field of competing models. This number increased to 200 by 1920. In 1918, Kelvinator had a model with automatic controls.

These home units usually required the installation of the mechanical parts, motor and compressor, in the basement or an adjacent room while the cold box was located in the kitchen. There was a 1922 model that consisted of a wooden cold box, water-cooled compressor, an ice cube tray and a 9 cubic foot compartment for $714. (A 1922 Model-T Ford cost about $450.) In 1923 Frigidaire introduced the first self-contained unit. About this same time porcelain covered metal cabinets began to appear. Ice cube trays were introduced more and more during the 1920s; up to this time freezing was not a function of the modern fridge.

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